Xuehong ZHANG

Xuehong ZHANG/张雪红

Deputy General Counsel & Head of Legal & IP Affairs/副总法律顾问及法律知识产权总经理

Datang Telecom Technology and Industry Group/大唐电信科技产业集团

Xuehong Zhang is the Deputy General Counsel of Datang Telecom Technology and Industry Group, and the member of the board of Datang Mobile Communications Equipment Co. Ltd. Ms. Zhang is responsible for Datang Telecom Group’s legal and IP affairs. She has been engaged in the innovations and intellectual property management of ICT for long term, and has accumulated enriched experiences in the research and practices of IP strategies and planning, operations of IP rights, IP licensing and transactions, standards and related patent issues.

Ms. Zhang holds two master’s degrees both in information engineering and civil law.  She takes the position of the vice president of China Intellectual Property Society, and the vice president of the Patent Protection Association of China. She and her team completed a set of influential projects, and she is awarded the National Intellectual Property Leading Talent, IP Expert in Industrial and Information Technology Fields, and IP Expert of Beijing City. Ms. Zhang was honored with a number of prizes including the Excellent Individual of National IP Utilization and Industrialization, the Science and Technology Progress Award of the Ministry of Information Industry, and the Industrial IP Contribution Award of Beijing IP Development Salon.