China Intellectual Property & Innovation Summit 2018 (CIPIS2018)


The new China Intellectual Property & Innovation Summit( CIPIS)  is coming in 2018! Are you ready to join us?  After more than 5 years development, CIPIS has become an Asia-class commercial summit.We are greatly honored to see all seats fully reserved in short time for each summit.  We promise you the high quality and we are so glad you get what you want during each summit.

The 2018 China Intellectual Property & Innovation Summit (CIPIS), organized by Conways Asia, will be held in Shanghai, China during Apr.11-13, 2018 and supported by influential and authoritative associations, media and governments. And now after yearly and successfully held, the CIPIS series summits have already been the landmark for IP industry in Asia. Moreover, in order to deeply discuss IP in Pharma industry, the first day (Apr.11th) of summit will completely focus at pharma. industry.

Attention 2018 CIPIS from Two days summit becomes THREE DAYS SUMMIT, in order to deeply discuss IP issues in Pharmaceutical Industry. (Day One)

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