Lynn FU

Lynn FU / 付筱林

Director of Brand Protection Cooperation / 企业品牌保护总监

Alibaba / 阿里巴巴 

Lynn Fu joined Alibaba in Dec 2016. She manages communication and cooperation with brands in order to protect legitimate IP rights on Alibaba’s marketplaces. Lynn is actively engaged with brand owners, industrial associations, and governments to promote Alibaba’s IPR protection initiatives and enhance partnership with all stakeholders to create a collaborative environment that encourages data sharing, multiparty participation, enforcement actions, public awareness and education.

Before joining Alibaba, she led Hewlett-Packard’s Anti-Counterfeiting Program in the Asia Pacific region for six and half years. Prior to that, she worked as legal counsel for leading IP Agencies and law firms in Beijing.

Lynn holds a LL.B from the Hunan University and a LL.M from the Chinese University of Hong Kong. She is qualified to practice law in China.