Victor SHAO

Victor SHAO / 邵克亮

Head of SANOFI China Product Security / 赛诺菲中国产品安全项目负责人 

Sanofi / 赛诺菲

In the past 13 years, he ever served industries of FMCG (J&J), AUTO (GM), IT (HP), Electrical (EATON) and Pharmaceutical (SANOFI). He focused on anti-counterfeiting/Brand Protection Strategy & Tactics planning and execution in China or AP region for MNCs. Closely integrate internal & external resources and maximize all kinds of legal solutions via fire-prevention system and anti-counterfeiting investigation management to achieve whole corporate IP protection goal, protect consumers’ rights & responsible company image.

Simultaneously he positively involved actives of influential associations, related Government or judicial agencies, like QBPC (Quality Brand Protection Committee) & OIPC (Oriental Intellectual Property Club). Hope to jointly push problem discussing, experience sharing and whole IP protection environment improvement inside IP Protection circle.

He passed Chinese bar in Y2003 and hold Master Degree of Civil and Commercial Law from East China University of Politics and Law Science.