Sailing into the Unknown & Innovation | 驶向未知与创新

Innovation is a key driver of companies' development. It is an effective way to promote progress, the soul of an enterprise, and an important factor in the long-term development of a brand.

Since the Reform and Opening-up, the Chinese Government has attached great importance to IP. Through concerted effort by many parties, work on IP in China has developed steadily and rapidly, not only making China an IP powerhouse, but also greatly supporting the country’s economic and social development and the progress of the global IP system. With the policy of accelerating the development of the intellectual property, and upholding innovative thinking. IP service companies showed IPer one after other IP cases, escorting the companies' excellent products.

CIPIS gathers the power of intellectual property, uses Sailing Awards for outstanding contributions and unlimited potential companies. It is initiated in China, the International Intellectual Property Awards selection with "innovation" as the keyword, the Sailing Awards is of great significance - to encourage domestic and foreign companies to learn from each other and guide the future development of the intellectual property.

Let us join hands with "creative ideas & customized solutions" to race SA2021!


中国,从知识产权大国迈进知识产权强国,不同产业内各个行业齐头并进、蓬勃发展。借着知识产权加速发展的“东风”,秉持创新的思维理念,知产服务企业向IPer展示了一个又一个精彩案例,为企业护航一个又一个诚意产品。聚集知产力量的CIPIS系列峰会,用Sailing Awards记录卓越贡献、标榜无限潜力。在中国发起,以“创新”为关键词的国际知识产权大奖评选,Sailing Awards意义非凡——鼓励国内外企业良性切磋,指引知识产权未来发展航向。携手“创意idea和定制solution”,竞速SA2021!

Awards | 奖项

Best Foreign Adviser | 最佳国外顾问

Best Domestic Adviser | 最佳国内律所

Best IP Adviser | 最佳知识产权顾问事务所

Best IP Service | 最佳知识产权服务商

Dark Horse IP Consultant | 黑马IP顾问

The Most Potential Law Firm | 最具潜力律所

The Most Comprehensive Law Firm | 最具综合实力律所