Chofn IP | 超凡知识产权服务股份有限公司



Chofn IP is a full-service IP firm based in China, with practices covering all areas of intellectual property. Chofn IP provides services related to Patent, Trademark, Copyright, Anti-counterfeiting, Unfair Competition and Trade Secret Law. Practicing IP law at the frontier, the professionals of Chofn IP excel in applying the latest Chinese regulations governing the protection of IP assets.

With a growing number of offices in major cities throughout Asia, Chofn IP is committed to provide prompt and pragmatic IP solutions to clients of various sizes and technologies. Chofn IP provides counseling on both domestic matters and international matters through well-established firms worldwide.

Our international patent team provides services covering Patent prosecution, translation, litigation, FTO, consultation, licensing and Monetization. We understand that corporations have different IP needs and strategy. Hence, we are striving to provide customized services. Especially, Chofn is fully aware of the importance of barrier-free communication and is committed to conduct regular on-site or virtual meetings with international clients and foreign associates for discussions and updates.