2019 China Intellectual Property & Innovation Summit

With 40 years of gradual economic reforms, China has been opening the economy to international trade and investment, seen fast economic growth. It’s now an accepted fact that, just like financial capital or commodities or labor, IP is more than an economic asset - it also forms the basis of a global market.

In order to boost your international competitiveness in the Globally Networked Age, the IP strategy also needs novel ideas and methods that reflect new changes. Such as information and communication technology and AI, and the change in business models associated with such progress

In 2018 China International Import Expo, The Chinese government promised to protect foreign companies' interests and enhancing punitive enforcement for infractions of intellectual property rights. Based on the internationalization environment and the above questions, the new CIPIS summit has formally started.

2019 China Intellectual Property & Innovation Summit (CIPIS) will be held on Apr.18-19, 2019 in Shanghai, CHINA.

CIPIS is committed to building up platform of international cooperation and communication for IP professionals. This year's CIPIS will bring together thought leaders around the world with focus on the latest trend and hottest topics in IP industry. The conference covers telecommunication, automotive, Internet, biomedicine, artificial intelligence, big data, block chain and other frontier and hot topics about intellectual property. We will invite more than 400 IP leaders, experts from TOP 500 companies around the world to participate and share their insights into the most important IP Strategy and their future impact.

Hot Topics

- New PowerBuilding a Strong Intellectual Property Country Under The Background Of The New Era

- How You Can Inspire Innovation In Your Team?

-Intellectual Property And The Escalating Us-China Trade War

-Protection Measures For Intellectual Property Rights During Exhibitions Overseas

-The Steps To Build Up a Trade Secret Management Program

-Europe In Flux: Protecting Your Ip And Innovation In a Changing Environment

-Intellectual Property Protection In Emerging Economies And Trade Related Intellectual Property Rights

-Developing A Trademark Strategy For Your Business

-From Ideas To Growth:  Smes Get Value From Their Ip

-Advanced Intellectual Property Management System: Views From Enterprises

-A Big Step ForwardThe Latest Development Of Patent Linkage And Pharmaceutical Data Protection

-Patent Inventiveness Examination Of Pharmaceutical And Biotechnology Patent Reexamination Invalid Cases In China

-5G Standard Patents: who holds the Ear?

- The Latest News, Developments, And Trends In Intellectual Property Litigation

-Interpretation Of Sino-Us Trade War Us 337 Survey And Matters Needing Attention In Patent Litigation And Evidence Discovery Procedure Of Local Court

-How To Win The Game In The Era Of Standardization

- Intellectual Property Due Diligence: A Critical Prerequisite To Overseas M & A

- The Intellectual Property Will Deeply Reshaping The Entire Automotive Industry To Face The New Four Modernizations Era

-Is the Intellectual Property Ready For AI?

-Internet Intellectual Property And Big Data Go Hand In Hand

- Blockchain Technology And Ip: Best Partner

-Innovation, Technology, Ip In The Digital Economy: Challenges,

Opportunities, Initiatives


DAY ONE - Morning

DAY TWO - Morning

New PowerBuilding a Strong Intellectual Property Country Under The Background Of The New Era

The Role of Intellectual Property in Innovation and Corporate Development

Intellectual Property and the Escalating US-China “Trade War”

How to Layout Your Intellectual Property Globally in Right Way?

The Exploration of Trade Secrets

The Latest news, Developments, And Trends in Intellectual Property Litigation

Interpretation of  US 337 Survey and Matters Needing Attention in Patent Litigation and Evidence Discovery Procedure of Local Court

How to Win the Game in the Era of Standardization?

Intellectual Property Due Diligence: A Critical Prerequisite to Overseas M&A

Patent Operation: Business Form of Realizing the Value of Intellectual Property

DAY ONE - Afternoon

DAY TWO - Afternoon

Europe in Flux: Protecting your IP and Innovation in a Changing Environment

Intellectual Property Protection in Emerging Economies and Trade Related Intellectual Property Rights

Developing A Trademark Strategy for Your Business

Intellectual Property Management -How to Do?

Focus on IP in the Pharmaceutical Industry

5G Standard Patent, Who Holds the Ear?

The Intellectual Property Will Deeply Reshaping the Entire Auto Industry to Face the New Four Modernizations Era (Electrification, Smart Mobility, Connectivity and Lightweight)

Is the Intellectual Property Ready for AI?

Go Hand in Hand:Internet Intellectual Property and Big Data

Blockchain Technology and IP Best partner

Innovation, Technology, IP In The Digital Economy: Challenges, Opportunities, Initiatives

Series Firms

Alibaba, Tencent, Huawei, Baidu, ZTE, Ericsson, Hisense Group, Gree, Midea Group, Xiaomi, Lenovo Group, China Unicom, China Mobile, COFCO, China CRRC, Haier Group, BYD, Beiqi Foton Motor, SAIC General Motors, Geely Automobile, TCL, BOE, Datang Telecom, China Resources Pharmaceutical Group, Shanghai Pharmaceuticals Holding, Hengrui Medicine, Hikvision, Bayer China, Qihoo 360, Tianma Microelectronics, China Resources Microelectronics, Netease , Nokia, China Yili, Tongji University, Shangtang Technology, IBM, Microsoft, Intel, TSMC, Acer Group, State Intellectual Property Office, Shanghai Intellectual Property Court, Shenzhen Intellectual Property Office...