A Two-way Choice between Your Group and Conways

This double-track, two day, fully bilingual event will create the ideal forum in which to cross jurisdictional divides to enhance economic performance for all involved. The event will provide comprehensive coverage of IP issues from multiple perspectives. It will give relevant knowledge and strategic advice to Chinese and Asian firms who are rapidly expanding in the West and, in a parallel stream, give vital updates to all foreign entities keen to understand the different legal systems in the Asia-Pacific region so as to protect and advance their interests.

Exposure to Core Groups – Your groups’ information will appear on the website, marketing materials, emails and signage at the summit.

Complimentary Seats Given – In CIPIS2014, free tickets for your group to enter, you group can lead a short-reaching effort to meet the success posed by this precious and finite opportunities.

Multiple Interviews Choices - In CIPIS2014, you can complete one-to-one meetings with all industry related leaders within 2 days.

Extra Self-promotion – Participate and introduce your publication or materials to our delegates, exhibitors and speakers.