Billie CHEN
Billie CHEN/陈碧莉
Associate General Counsel and Chief IP Counsel /副法务长兼首席知识产权律师


Billie Chen serves as Associate General Counsel and Chief IP Counsel at Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Corporation (TSMC). Ms. Chen is in charge of all patent IP-related functions, including leading global patent strategy and patent portfolio establishment, and directing offensive and defensive strategies for patent dispute and litigation.

Under Ms. Chen’s leadership, TSMC has established a best-in-class IP portfolio that includes over 30,000 patents worldwide, resulting in TSMC ranking in the ‘Top 10’ list of U.S. patent assignees in 2016. Ms. Chen led TSMC's IP team to win several patent litigations, maintain exceptionally high institution rates for IPRs, and successfully resolved several patent dispute cases with her professional negotiation and strategic problem-solving skills.

Ms. Chen is a well-experienced IP executive and is also a certified United States attorney. She has been listed in the IAM (Intellectual Asset Management) 2016 “Market Makers” feature and in the IAM Strategy 300 -- The World's Leading IP Strategists 2017 and 2018.