Yuanqing CHEN

Yuanqing CHEN/陈媛青

Worldwide Legal, Director of IP /全球法务,知识产权总监

Lenovo Group/联想集团

Owning double education background in science & engineering and legislation, Chen Yuanqing is currently in charge of Lenovo’s patent business in China. She took the lead of establishing and improving Lenovo’s patent management system in China, and also monitored and participated in several acquisitions and integrations of outbound patents and business, which helps patents realize value both in and out of Lenovo and keep greater influence in the field. Under her guidance, Lenovo intellectual property team has achieved the award of China IP Champion” and “ Asia IP Elite” from the worldwide famous magazine IAMfor several times. Chen Yuanqing herself has also achieved the award of “China outstanding intellectual property manager” in 2012, China Intellectual Property Leading Person “Distinguished Prosecution Award” in 2013, “Zhongguancun Innovation Leading Person” award in 2015, and “Annual Advanced Individual of Intellectual Property work in Enterprises” by State Intellectual Property Office in 2016. She was invited by WIPO to attend the meetings and make speech on behalf of Chinese enterprises for several times.

Besides, Chen Yuanqing is also the Off-campus Mentor of Postgraduate Students in Beijing Technology and Business University and University of Science and Technology Beijing.

陈媛青拥有理工和法律双重教育背景,目前负责联想大中华区专利业务的管理工作。她牵头建立并完善了联想中国现有专利管理体系,主导或深度参与了多起联想海外专利、业务并购及整合,推动专利在联想内外实现价值并持续发挥影响力。在陈媛青的带领下,联想知识产权团队多次荣获国际知名杂志《IAM》评定的“ China IP Champion” “ Asia IP Elite”。陈媛青本人曾荣获2012年“中国杰出知识产权经理人,2013中国知识产权风云人物“杰出管理奖”,2015年“中关村创新领军人才”,2016年被国家知识产权局评为“年度企业知识产权工作先进个人”,曾多次代表中国企业参加世界知识产权组织会议并做主题发言。陈媛青同时还是北京工商大学和北京科技大学知识产权硕士研究生校外导师。