Na ZHANG/张 娜

Chief Intellectual Property Officer/首席知识产权官 


Master of Engineering, graduated from South China University of Technology, with ten years of corporate management experience in intellectual property management, holds a patent attorney practicing license. Vice president of China Patent Protection Association, Vice President of Shenzhen Patent Association; Vice President of Shenzhen Copyright Association,

Nancy zhang has recently been named Coolpad Group Limied’s first Global Chief Intellectual Property Officer, responsible for the related work of the Group in respect of intellectual property and comprehensively promoting the businesses of intellectual property distribution, risk response and operation cooperation.

During the period of Coolpad Group, the Group established and perfected the Group's intellectual property strategy system, enriched its business type and structure, experienced doubled-up plans for its patent application business, expanded the overseas application business and standardized its internal and external management mechanisms. Participate in 5g Standard Patent Portfolio . Involved in patent licensing negotiation of the project, such as project Qualcomm, Ericsson project, familiar with patent licensing negotiations, communications status and development trend.Coolpad Group received 3 consecutive sessions of China Patent Award. In 2015, Coolpad Group became the only national intellectual property demonstration enterprise in Shenzhen that passed the national intellectual property certification.