Amazon | 亚马逊

Conan CHEN | 陈超

Senior Director, Public Policy & Government Affairs | 中国公共政策与政府事务高级总监 

Amazon | 亚马逊

He currently serves as the Senior Director, Public Policy & Government Affairs for Amazon leading external advocacy efforts, outreach programs, partnerships, and initiatives in support of IP protection, cyber security, product safety and consumer rights protection. Before Amazon, he was leading IP protection for a few multinational companies across various industries, e.g. General Motors, Robert Bosch, Estee Lauder, Victoria Secret, etc. and IP consulting firms to develop and deploy an overall IP protection strategy and enforcement program in China and APAC.

In additional to his company responsibilities, he serves as the Director of Internet Professional Committee of Beijing Anti-Infringement and Anti-Counterfeiting Alliance (CAASA), with a view to work cooperatively with the Chinese central and local governments, local industry, and organizations to make positive contributions to online IP protection and business environment. He also served as the Chair of Best Practice and Enforcement Committee of Quality Brands Protection Committee (QBPC) under China Association of Enterprises with Foreign Investment from 2011-2022. The IP cases directed by him was elected as QBPC Annual Top 10 Case for 10+ times. He wasrecognizedby World Trademark Review as “Top 300 World’s Leading Corporate Trademark Professionals”. He is also an active member of ASIS International, Asia Crisis and Security Group (ACSG) and Overseas Security Advisory Council (OSAC). He has earned an LLM from East China University of Politics and Law, and a Master of Economics from Shanghai University of Finance and Economics.

华东政法大学法学硕士、上海财经大学经济学硕士,现任亚马逊中国公共政策与政府事务高级总监,推动支持有关知识产权保护、网络安全、产品安全和消费者权益保护等法律法规和政策的制定和实施。他在知识产权保护、调查与风险管控、产品与供应链安全等领域拥有超过15年的从业经验,曾在通用汽车、博世、雅诗兰黛、维密等跨国公司和商业咨询机构负责亚太区的知识产权保护和安全事务。他目前在北京反侵权假冒联盟担任互联网专业委员会主任,组织协调政企力量,多方合力共同治理网络营商环境。他曾长期服务于中国外商投资企业协会优质品牌保护委员会(品保委),担任最佳案例与执法工作组主席,负责商标法法律适用、涉外定牌加工侵权、互联网领域维权、物流快递行业涉假等研究课题。他主导的案件先后10余次赢得品保委年度知识产权保护最佳案例奖。他被“世界商标评论”(World Trademark Review)杂志评为“世界领先的商标专家300强”。