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Jackson, Etti & Edu是一家屡获殊荣、专注于行业的全方位服务律师事务所。我们的法律团队处于非洲大陆自由贸易协定(AfCTA)带来的创新和机遇的纽带,我们的经验、知识和专业知识可以引导组织取得成功。作为尼日利亚人和坚定的泛非人,我们致力于服务该地区私营和公共部门经济发展的持续增长。



Jackson, Etti & Edu以其在行业知识的指导下为简单和复杂交易提供法律咨询的多功能性而闻名。我们拥有11个战略性业务部门,旨在为我们所在行业的客户提供全面的法律和交易咨询。

Jackson, Etti & Edu is an award winning, full-service law firm with a sector focus. Our legal teams stand at the nexus of innovation and opportunity unleashed by the African Continental Free Trade Agreement (AfCTA), and our experience, knowledge and expertise can steer organisations to success. Proudly Nigerian and resolutely pan-African, we are dedicated to serving the continued growth of private and public-sector economic development in the region.

With over 25 years valuable corporate experience, our lawyers have gained extensive experience in advising and acting for clients on a wide range of subject matters. We operate across Africa with three (3) offices strategically located in Nigeria (Victoria Island, Ikeja, and Abuja) and offices in Ghana, Cameroon, and Zimbabwe, with over 100 legal, paralegal, and business support staff.

Our firm is recognised for professional legal services of the highest calibre. We draw on our unique knowledge of the African business environment, and in-depth understanding of the economic and socio-political climate in advising clients on a wide range of legal issues.

Jackson, Etti & Eduis known for its versatility in providing legal advisory on simple and complex transactions, guided by our sector knowledge.We have 11 practiceswhich have been strategically formed to provide an all-round legal and transaction advisory to clients within the sectors we operate in.

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