Ocean Tomo China

Ocean Tomo China (OTC) is the merchant bank™ for Intellectual Property (IP).  Our unique combination of professional consulting services along with subscription-based and SaaS platform solutions serves the needs of the Chinese IP and technology commercialization marketplace.  Providing superior IP risk management decision-making, our strategic framework for setting monetization, licensing, technology transfer and litigation strategy are informed by a unique view of IP:  in the board room, court room and among the investment community.  Our client recommendations are framed around this unique perspective of IP value and integrated approach to IP risk management. 

Ocean Tomo中国(简称“OTC”)是一家专注于知识产权(IP)的商业银行™。我们将专家咨询服务与SaaS订阅服务平台相结合,以满足中国知识产权与技术商业化市场的需求。通过为公司董事会、法庭、投资界提供知识产权服务,我们积累了一流的IP经验与见解,因而能提供卓越的IP风险管理决策与战略框架咨询服务,包括专利货币化、许可、技术转让和诉讼策略。我们为客户提供的任何建议,均基于对IP价值的独特见解,以及IP风险管理的集成式方法。